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On the first floor of the museum – between the Banqueting Hall and the 1950s Exhibition – you’ll find the Coffee Bar. The Coffee Bar is a piece of working-class culture on the brink of extinction in the Copenhagen townscape.

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Coffee bars had their heyday in the 1950s when more than a hundred such bars could be visited in Copenhagen. It was a special feature of the coffee bar that no alcoholic beverages were sold there.

From the early morning hours and until the middle of the afternoon, people could eat their packed lunches, or buy a cheese sandwich, or ‘today’s special’ and a cup of coffee while reading the daily paper and get warm before going back to work.

The typical clientele of the coffee bars were tradesmen, removal men, mailmen, cabdrivers and now and again a policeman on the beat.

In the Workers´ Museum Coffee Bar from the 1950s you can buy a cup of coffee, chocolate biscuit cake, beer or soft drinks. Feel free to enjoy your own packed lunch; however, you must buy your beverages from the Coffee Bar.

Please note that the coffee bar might be closed during events in the Assembly Hall.
For information, call + 45 33 93 25 75.



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Kaffebar - Kaffe med Richs

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